Business & Executive Coaching

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Something is wrong. You can't put your finger on it. In today's economy where old rules no longer apply as they once did, growth may have peaked or reversed course and major revenue sources (including sales) have slowed or dried up.

As if that is not enough, your owners, stakeholders, employees, and customers are depending upon you to stay strong and perform as if nothing has changed.

What to do? How can you confidently plan for future recovery when you are struggling just for present survival? Unbiased outside advice and ongoing opinions from a tested professional outside your own industry are now viable options as you seek stability.

We perform work on a retainer for either a six or twelve month period and operate on your behalf as a subcontractor or part time employee. Our job is to address a wide variety of potential problems that may be lurking within your organization. During that timeframe we cover two distinct phases (Discovery and Rebuilding) and will spend time addressing seven specific areas:

Phase One: Discovery

Perceptions (customers, staff, industry)
Communities and Stakeholders
Competition Analysis
Trends and Future Impacts
Brand Attributes and Identities
Marketing and Public Relations Review
Secret Shopper Experience

Phase Two: Rebuilding

Situation Report
Recommendations and Timeline
Brand Strategy Tactics
Assets Tools and Actions
Staff Training
Edutainment (customers, communities, stakeholders)
Accountability Tracker

Business Cards and Networking Fundamentals


Once you meet someone new your entire life can change.

But only if you understand the power that you possess before, during, and after the exchange can you make the most of that moment.

Business networking provides golden opportunities for interpersonal connection and referrals yet many professionals do not take such events as seriously as they could.

Protocol when offering and accepting business cards is as crucial today as it ever has been. Once someone has opened their door (and their world) to you do you know how to "step inside"?

And how about the art of conversation and the protocol of story telling? What do you say to the person you have just met? Choosing the right questions to ask and also knowing how to answer questions posed back to you can drastically and irrevocably alter the relationship. How do you properly end the conversation and set expectations for another future exchange?

Available services include advising, counseling, and coaching on eight specific areas:

Corporate Retreat Management


We can create and stage your executive management retreat, board retreat, staff retreat, or workgroup session. Working closely with you to write a script for success we can teach you about what others have done to help their own companies improve and become more profitable or effective for their audiences and stakeholders.

We come in and produce and manage as much or as little of the meeting planning and management process as you wish.

Available services include:

Packages are customized based on factors such as time of year, number of attendees, location of the retreat venue, length of the retreat, budget, and desired outcomes.

Representative Retainer and Broker Services


In business, relationships matter. Who you choose to act on your behalf during contract negotiations is paramount for survival and for the prospects of solid balance sheet growth and long term effectiveness.

We provide tactful, timely, cost effective activity that accomplishes the tasks you delegate to us while helping you define and preserve your company brand equity, personal image and fiscal integrity.

Our agent and broker engagements seek a simple solution for you on behalf of your investors, namely, a solid industry and market share position followed by a sustainable base of repeat transactions.

We listen and take action on what we hear. We leave little on the table while seeking fairness for all. As your products and services repeatedly satisfy and exceed the expectations of your customers clients and users, we help you get business done month in and month out.

And over time as we perform on your behalf, a steady string of good news to pass along helps you keep the proverbial wolf away from the door.

Build trust through action and enhance your reputation by staying simple and doing great work. We can aid you in that pursuit.