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You are a success at what you do.

And you know constant investment in yourself is what will lead you towards continued stability tomorrow. We offer you a chance to get away and take a serious look at where you have been, where you are today, and what your future might hold.

Executives learn best from one another - especially when they are as experienced and accomplished as those who attend this unique event. Hands-on collaboration with other enthusiastic professionals from vastly different industries and unfamiliar walks of life during a tutorial or roundtable can allow fresh perspectives to surface. Crossing paths with a "celebrity CEO" and those "unreachable" people you cannot normally meet can make your entire weekend.

Held in the Pacific Northwest at some of the most desirable destinations and venues, these gatherings are designed as a breath of fresh air to invigorate educate and rededicate. Session topics can include age, change, communication, creativity, future, human resources, humor, knowledge, leadership, management, marketing, motivation, negotiation, play, productivity, stress, teambuilding, and time. A typical agenda (including eight hours of programming) includes:

Soar With The Eagles - Friday (four hours of programming)

12p - 2p Arrivals
2p - 4p Early Session #1 (specific topic focus)
4p - 5p Early Session #2 (specific topic focus)
6p - 7p Welcome Reception
7p - 8p Opening Session #3 (specific topic focus)

Soar With The Eagles - Saturday (four hours of programming)

7a - 8a Breakfast Mixer
8a - 9a Session #3 (specific topic focus)
9a - 10a Breakouts (specialty worksessions)
10a - 12p Closing Session #4 (specific topic focus)
5p - 6p Optional Stayover Reception

Design and Stage High Impact Events

Event coordination is the visualization, organization, and synchronization of many components along with the orderly completion of requisite tasks so that the end result or the "event experience" appears with invisible precision and in a way that the mechanics of offering that experience are imperceptible to the attendee.

This interactive session will offer tangible benefits to meeting managers, festival organizers, event planners, stakeholders and subcontractors alike as recommended procedures and approaches to the art of event planning will be examined. Participants will take a close look at industry competencies, current conditions and trends, and will validate the positive ramifications of a well produced event. Session length: 3 to 6 hours.

Attendee Objectives:

Audience Feedback from Attendees:

"Rich! Rich! Rich! Wow. My brain is completely completely full. I hadn't planned on attending the whole day but I'm very glad I could move my schedule around so I wouldn't miss a thing."

Attendee, Rural Tourism Studio

Sponsorship Procurement and Activation Benchmarks

By definition sponsorship is a cash or in-kind fee paid to a property (typically in sports, arts, entertainment, causes or venues) in return for access to the exploitable commercial potential associated with that property. Put another way, sponsorship is undertaken for the purpose of achieving commercial objectives.

When brands talk engagement, connection and interaction, and meetings and events talk financial resources, what carries the day is the instinctive equation that together the value of each partner is worth more than either could achieve on its own. This interactive session covers inventory, prospects, research, marketing, sales, sales campaigns, contracts, fulfillment, activation, recap, and legacy building. Session length: 3 to 6 hours.

Attendee Objectives:

Audience Feedback from Attendees:

Thank you SO much for your time. We are completely fired up now and your contribution was invaluable.

Sponsorship Chair, National Organization for Human Service Educators

Sales Habits Sales Habits Sales Habits

Sales skill building and personal brand promotion is on the agenda during this fast paced "roll up your sleeves" event. Loosely inspired by author and speaker Shawna Schuh, marketing consultant Steve Steinhart, and sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer, this hands-on gathering is part sales staff meeting, part Toastmasters, part book club, and part laboratory for trial and error in an energy filled "salespeople only" environment.

Give and get answers from other competent sales professionals that make sense, make sales, and make money for you. Transaction frequency and profit margins are always top of mind in this creative but no-nonsense session where a robust and predictable agenda always includes a hot topic of the day, a case study, a role play, a book report, audience solutions for audience problems, and a sales tool segment.

Perfect for commissioned sales personnel, home office product reps, independent contractors, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and district sales directors who want to turn this surrogate "sales staff meeting" into their own dependable source for education motivation and celebration. Session length: 2 hours

Attendee Objectives:

Inspirational Quote:

If you make a sale, you can earn a commission. If you make a friend, you can earn a fortune.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Trade Show Strategies

Serving as a one-stop "semi-annual checkup" for marketing directors from exhibitor companies, booth personnel assigned to work a specific show, trade show managers, sales managers and directly related subcontractors and suppliers, this wide-ranging workshop first clarifies key components of show design, staging, marketing and operation.

In order to fully benefit from trade show participation, a well planned campaign details administrative and operational work to be tackled as well as strategic marketing activities geared towards maximum impact on the show floor. Marketing activities can include sponsorship, public relations, promotions, and merchandising. The majority of workshop discussions plus handouts and resources provided will help attendees conduct effective pre-show promotion, prepare for booth staffing responsibilities and show floor etiquette, and execute post-show follow-up for maximum accountability. Session length: 1 to 4 hours.

Attendee Objectives:

Inspirational Quote:

Serious attendees today plan their trade show visits. The show floor lets them compare a select few quickly and easily. Your goal is to get on their 'must see' list.

Margit Weisgal. Association Executive Director

Great Customer Service Is Recession Proof

Customers want to be served well, treated fairly, and shown decency, courtesy, and respect as they shop for, purchase and utilize various products or services. For a successful retail B2C business (and B2B commerce) an appropriate level of quality service must be experienced at every point of engagement.

Created for front line staff who perform face to face, real-time online, or live telephone contact and interaction with prospects, patrons, and customers, this hands-on session inspires authentic responses and sincere attention to guests and patrons at every level. Full of attendee participation and role playing for B2B and B2C formats, this training dives into service non-negotiables (basic expectations, customer-first attitude, first and last impressions, courtesy), service communication (body language, tone of voice, telephone skills, conversational skills), and service delivery (attitude, action, atmosphere). Available as a private or public presentation, content is customized based upon audience needs and situation. Session length: 1 to 4 hours.

Attendee Objectives:

Audience Feedback from Attendees:

Favorite parts of the session with Brent Dahl were the sections on listening filters and customer service non-negotiables. I feel encouraged to continue doing what I do and how I teach my students.

Attendee, Springdale Job Corps Center